Vodun - the power of healing.

My name is Daagbo Hounon II. I am the international leader of vodun. I am the supreme spiritual chief of the vodun (Hwendo tradition). I am also a member of the international indigenious committee (Chicago) and of the dialogue and mediation committee of cooperation and religious confessions in Benin and a commissioner of the IFAPA.

I am confirmed through the state Benin. I was chosen by the Fa oracle.

I cure a lot of deseases. Especially hidden psychosomatic disorders.

I work for your luck in all aspects of life.

I make consultations in Fa-oracle for you.

You can get in contact with me in Benin, West Africa, in my temple in Ouidah. You can also send me an E-mail or call me and I will help you. In Germany my permanent representative, Peter Dietrich, will consult you (E-Mail: vodun@web.de)

I can help you for example in the following cases:


  • infertility problems
  • problems with family relations
  • removing withcraft
  • illness with unknown origin

We will find out where your problems come from!



You can get in contact with me in Ouidah, Benin (West Africa). 

You can also send me an E-mail:


Or visit me on www.facebook.com


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